Vegvisir - Norse Symbol

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The Vegvisir - An Ancient and Sacred Norse symbol of Protection and Guidance

The Vikings hold a special fascination for many people. When we look at the fantasy comic book realm that Vikings inhabit in modern popular culture, they were, in effect, the superheroes of their time. They have garnered a special type of attention and allure that makes many people want to know more about these enigmatic warriors.

Historical evidence overwhelmingly shows that their extraordinary success had much to do with their abilities in fighting and sailing, and they used a Norse charm known as the Vegvisir (Icelandic for Sign Post or Wayfinder). This was a magical stave intended to help the bearer find their way through rough weather. The symbol was frequently inscribed on seagoing vessels to ensure their safe return home.

Also known as the runic compass or the Viking/Nordic compass, it was a symbol of protection and guidance - similar in shape to the Helm of Awe. However, while each of the arms of the helm are the same, the arms of the Vegvisir are all different.

Vegvisir symbol

It consists of eight staves, each branching out from a shared point, with each stave representing a cardinal or intermediate direction. Some people held the view that when a nail was placed in the center of the Viking compass, the positions of its shadow at certain times of the day indicated the direction. This helped Vikings in their voyages and guided them over stormy seas.

The Vegvisir has also long played an important role among people who believe in magic powers, such as Norse Shamans. As a spiritual compass, this magical device guides your heart and your steps to make the right choices in life.

Vegvisir tattoo

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