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"Whosoever holds this hammer, if he be worthy, shall possess the power of Thor". A Perfect Massive piece including the most popular nordic symbols:  The Famous Thor's Hammer Quote by Stan Lee Valknut - One of the most popular Nordic symbols. is also known as...
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The Stormbreaker is an enchanted axe used by Thor. It was forged from Uru on Nidavellir. Eitri claimed the weapon was meant to become the strongest weapon in Asgard's history.  We are extremely proud to announce the unveiling of our...
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Valknut and rune circle are the most common of the Viking symbols. When Vallknut offers Odin's invitation to his throne in Valhalla, the runic circle holds within itself the philosophy of the universe. This Stainless Steel Runic Valknut Necklace Pendant...
Thors Hammer Pendant Mjolnir Vikings Necklace
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- Mjolnir means "demolisher" and refers to the ability to pulverize the hammer. The hammer pendant Thor mjolnir provides the protection of Thor. It seems that the success of its power resides in its geometric form that makes positive energy...
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A powerful, courageous and noble accessory for you. Our necklaces were worn by the Vikings! Massive elements made in Scandinavian style will emphasize your masculinity and strength. Material bronze will ennoble your image. Our necklace will give you the power...
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